Lauren King – Guatemala

Lauren King works at Escuela Integrada, near Antigua, Guatemala, as an English teacher. She and her fiancé, Kevin, are passionate about investing in the lives of these bright students in and out of the school. Check out their video to learn more!

Kathryn Goodloe Sanchez – Testimony

Kathryn works as a Kindergarten teacher at Loma de Luz's El Camino Bilingual School, located in Balfate, Colon, Honduras. She loves the kids she is working with. Watch her testimony to get to know her better!

David Roberts – Testimony

David Roberts works maintenance for Loma de Luz in Honduras. After having what seemed to be the perfect job, he still wasn't satisfied and sought the Lord for work that gave him purpose. Watch his testimony to hear more.

Young Life – Jones – Ecuador

Cris and Daniela Jones are CI missionaries to Shell, Ecuador. They work with YoungLife International to help street, homeless, and lost children find their way to Jesus. Check out their video to learn more!

Honduras – Sanchez

Kathryn and Oscar serve at Loma de Luz in Balfate, Honduras. Oscar works as a chaplain in the hospital. Kathryn works as a teacher at Loma de Luz’s El Camino Bilingual School and loves the kids she is working with. Check out their story!

Yost – Testimony

While Mike and Peggy weren't expecting to be called to the mission field in the first place, they woudn't change a thing. They have faithfully served the Lord and his people in Honduras. Check out their testimony!

Honduras – Roberts

David, Teresa and their children followed God's call to Loma de Luz, in Honduras. David works maintenance for all of Loma de Luz's buildings, leading projects and mission teams. Teresa is a teacher at Loma de Luz's El Camino Bilingual School.

Teresa Roberts – Testimony

Teresa Roberts works as a teacher at El Camino Bilingual School on the North coast of Honduras. God called her and her family to move here and they have found purpose and fulfillment serving here. Check out her story to learn more.

Honduras – Maradiaga

Christine and Calix work at Loma de Luz on the North coast of Honduras in the hospital and the development farm. They are passionate about serving the Lord and His people in Honduras. Watch the video to hear their story!

Christine Maradiaga – Testimony

Christine has been in Honduras with Hospital Loma de Luz since 2005. She is in charge of the lab and x-ray. She has fallen in love with the Honduran people and desires to share the love of Christ with them. Watch her video to hear her story!

Honduras – Yost

Mike and Peggy have faithfully served the Lord and his people in Honduras. Mike is in charge of maintenance for Loma de Luz's hospital, school, and children's home. Peggy works in the therapy department in the hospital. Watch their story!

Wings of Healing – Amanda Samrani

Wings of Healing is the name of Amanda Samrani's mission. She is working in the largest refugee camp in the world, located in Northern Uganda. Watch her video to learn more about her heart for the Lord and her ministry.

Amanda Samrani – Testimony

Amanda Samrani is a Cornerstone International missionary serving in Northern Uganda in the largest refugee camp in the world. She is helping those in need of medical care, emotional support, and love of Jesus. This is her story.

Project Liberia – Shonnie Wellspring

Shonnie Wellspring was faithful to God's call to join in the Holy Spirit's movement in Liberia. She is a Bible professor and trains faithful disciples of the Lord in Liberia. Check out her video to learn more about the Project Liberia mission.

Shonnie Wellspring – Testimony

Happily settled in life in the US, Shonnie received an unexpected request from Liberia for Bible training. To hear how God called her, watch her testimony!

Bilo Musa – Testimony

Musa is a South Sudanese refugee who escaped South Sudan and moved to Uganda. After much tragedy, he has found hope through Wings of Healing. Check out his story.