Honduras - Roberts

"They have influenced much of my life and I am grateful for them. If more missionaries were to come and share the same love and care as they have shown me with confidence, I think it would be priceless." - Adriana Reyes

Yost - Testimony

"I gave my life to the Lord and then told him, at that time, that I would follow him anywhere, but I never thought that he was going to lead me to the mission field or to another country or doing the things that we are doing." Fifteen years later, th…

Honduras - Yost

"They are a goof example here in the community because they meet together and have love for their neighbor. Their door is always open to teach the word in this community of Balfate" - Pastor Vencente

Teresa Roberts - Testimony

"I went to school to be an elementary teacher, and I could never get a job as an elementary teacher... But this is my first elementary classroom here (Honduras) and I love it. I feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing."

David Roberts - Testimony

"At the end of the day I can see that the work I've does is affecting the doctors, the other missionaries, the school, the hospital, the children's center... at the end of the day I can see that there is purpose to my life here."

Project Liberia

Project Liberia joins the movement of the Holy Spirit to lead crusades, spend time in unreached villages, share the gospel, plant churches and nurture the growth of new Christians. What are next steps? Project Liberia is building a training center …

Shonnie Wellspring - Testimony

Happily settled in life in the US, Shonnie received an unexpected request from Liberia. "My country needs help. Please mentor me so I can bring changes to my country." And then, Shonnie received a second request...but this one came from God.

Bilo Musa - Testimony

Musa is a South Sudanese refugee who escaped South Sudan and moved to Uganda. He is now working with Amanda Samrani and Wings of Healing: Uganda. This is his story. Cornerstone International is located in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Amanda Samrani - Testimony

Amanda Samrani is a Cornerstone International missionary serving in Northern Uganda in the largest refugee camp in the world. She is helping those in need of medical care, emotional support, and love of Jesus. This is her story. Cornerstone Internati…

Wings of Healing - Uganda

Wings of Healing is the name of Amanda Samrani's mission. She is working in the largest refugee camp in the world which is located in Northern Uganda. She is a Cornerstone International missionary, located in Wilmore, Kentucky. Take a look at what sh…